WATCH: Bethesda opens the vaults once again with ‘Fallout 76’ trailer

Gelo Lasin

I do love the smell of radioactive dust in the morning.

Bethesda released a teaser trailer for the latest installment in its highly successful Fallout series titled ‘Fallout 76’, and it’s unlike anything the fans were expecting.

Aside from being a brand new entry in the long-running apocalyptic series (seriously, who doesn’t love these games?), this new edition of Fallout is named after Vault 76, WHICH IS A PRETTY HUGE DEAL.

In Fallout lore, Vault 76 was meant to be opened just 20 years after the nuclear war, which means the story will probably take place hundreds of years before any of the past games and will have a wilder, less-civilized setting.

‘Fallout 76’ will also reportedly be an online multiplayer game and – given the installment’s harsher tone – will draw inspiration from survival RPGs such as DayZ and Rust.

With no official word from Bethesda yet, fan theories abound on the game’s true objective… and most of them are just absurd.

Watch the full trailer below