WATCH: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ video of the royal wedding is funny AF!

Gil Cadiz

The crazies behind the hilarious YouTube account Bad Lip Reading have created yet another classic, this time a bad lip reading version of the coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

They dubbed over some of the most memorable moments at the ceremony with such irreverence that would make you laugh your head off from start to finish.

The video begins with a whispered conversation between brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William.

William: So how many animals would you say you’ve probably killed?
Harry: You think I’ve kept count?
William: Absolutely!
Harry: Sixteen hundred and ninety-three… giraffes.
Harry: You alright?
William: Not yet.

What follows is the famous clip of Harry telling Meghan, “You look amazing. I’m so lucky.” Instead, we hear Harry say, “Do you need a pen?” to which Meghan replied, “Why would I need a pen?” Then Harry said, “I’m not sure.”

The clip of the wedding singer dubbed over with a terrible soprano voice is hysterical AF!

Then we hear the Bishop of Canterbury ask the couple, “Harry and Meghan, who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?” to which both solemnly replied, one after the other, “Hagrid.” The Bishop then declared, “Not correct.”

The black pastor emphatically spoke about dog food not being so gross to the starving man and falling into a coffin in a dream. *WTF? ROFLMAO*

The best part – the clip of the black choir reciting “they can’t buy a bikini, so sad!” cut to a clip of the Queen squirming. *DYING!!!*

The video ends with another whispered conversation between Harry and William.

William: I hope you understand we’re puppets.
Harry: Huh?
William: I said, I hope you understand that we’re puppets.
Harry: You said we have free will.
William: No, I didn’t.
Harry: That’s what you told me.
William: Hmm…

Enjoy the full video here:

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