Want A 2016 Project? A Skull Bonsai Will Do.

We The Pvblic

Are you fascinated with skulls? or you just want something interesting to put on your work desk? These skull bonsais might be a good project for 2016.

Created by Jack of the Dust, these skulls follow in the tradition of momento mori art (which means “remember that you can die” in Latin). Each one is completely handmade and unique. One features a traditional bonsai garden, another features a blooming cherry blossom garden, and the third features a miniature graveyard scene. You can get little crafty and make your own (just be sure to use a mock skull) or you can get one via Jack of the Dust.

The human skull is always fascinatingly beautiful. It might have a little creepy vibe but it sure is a wonderful art piece you can definitely use for the whole year!


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