A ‘walis tambo’ also stormed Capitol Hill


In the newest season of everyone’s fave reality show, America, pro-Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building in protest of the results of the country’s presidential elections.

Members of Congress were counting the Electoral College votes that would officially certify President-Elect Joe Biden when the siege happened, resulting in lockdowns, arrests, destruction of property, and at least one death.

Politicians have blamed Donald Trump for the chaos, as the incumbent has repeatedly made false claims regarding voter fraud. Trump also incited his supporters to march towards Capitol Hill minutes before the incident, claiming that America ‘has had enough’ of the alleged theft, even as numerous courts have dismissed Trump’s claims.

But in the midst of a riot reminiscent of The Purge, one protestor stood out for wielding our beloved walis tambo. Apparently, this Filipino-American rioter sees himself as a superhero, as attached to the walis is a sign that says ‘Coup Flu Fighter’.

‘False Media = Coup, Mail-In Fraud = Coup, Extremist Groups = Coup, Pandemic Hoax = Coup’, reads the slogan. Whatever happened to more wholesome mottos like ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’?


As insane as it looks, Filipino-American Trump supporters aren’t unheard of. 34% of eligible voters still favor Trump and Republicans for their conservative stances on issues, such as their opposition to abortion, same-sex marriage, and favor towards stricter immigration policies.

walis tambo, <b> A &#8216;walis tambo&#8217; also stormed Capitol Hill </b>

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