A mother and her dead daughter just reunited via VR


It’s not a question of if we can. It’s about if we should.

In a scene that is equal parts touching and pitiful, a mother from South Korea was able to briefly ‘reunite’ with her recently deceased daughter through Virtual Reality (VR). Jang Ji-sung previously lost 7-year-old Nayeon to an incurable disease back in 2016.

VR, <b> A mother and her dead daughter just reunited via VR </b>

The gut-wrenching scene sees the two reunite in a virtual park, with the recreated Nayeon greeting Jang ‘Where have you been, Mom? Did you think about me?’ 

Jang, who had already burst into tears, responded with ‘I do all the time’. Nayeon’s father, siblings, and pretty much everyone who watched the scene unfold (including us), were also crying.

The two went on to celebrate a birthday party, complete with virtual candles, cake, and balloons. The scene eventually ends with Nayeon sleeping on a bed and transforming into a white butterfly.

Nayeon’s looks, body, and voice reportedly took the production team eight months to recreate. The child model’s movements were also recorded via motion capture. The docu first aired on an episode titled ‘I Met You’ by the TV program MBC Documentary.