Bob Ong books, Kikomachine Komix and Trese could stop being published soon

Gelo Lasin

Could this be the end?

I absolutely adore Filipino comics. I grew up reading these strips on the local newspapers, with one of the standouts having always been Kikomachine Komix. Manix Abrera’s absurd humor (Rak en Rol!) and manic art style never failed to be an entertaining draw.

Those days of hilarity may soon be over, however. A recent Reddit thread revealed that Kikomachine’s publisher Visprint (which also produces Bob Ong’s books) is supposedly closing down in 2020.

Reddit – u/dontrescueme

Aside from Manix Abrera and Bob Ong, Visprint was also instrumental in introducing literary works such as ‘Trese’ (Budjette Tan, Kajo Baldisimo) and ‘Zsazsa Saturnnah’ (Carlo Vergara).

Visprint has yet to release a statement, but this marks a sad day in our childhoods – along with local culture overall – if proven to be true.

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