Virgin’s first ‘Pride Flight’ features an entirely LGBT+ cabin crew and pilots

Gelo Lasin

LGBT+ representation is taking on a whole new level – literally.

British airline Virgin just launched the UK’s first ever ‘Pride Flight,’ a one-off trip which will be flown entirely by LGBT+ crew and pilots.

The special flight will travel from London Heathrow to Newark Airport in NYC and will officially take off on June 28 in celebration of World Pride 2019.

The event will be hosted by ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s’ Titus Burgess and is tagged as ‘a true celebration of queer culture 38,000ft above the Atlantic.’

The inflight-program reportedly includes an inter-seat speed dating, inflight DJ, a Judy Garland singalong, and last but not least, a drag queen bingo.

A portion of the ticket sales will be used to fund the advancement of LGBT Pride programs and efforts in the UK.

In a time when the world is slowly accepting the LGBT+ community, this seems to be a great (and FAB) way to advance the Pride movement.
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