WATCH: ‘Tibok’ is an over-the-top, all-too-honest look at LGBT relationships

Gelo Lasin

LGBT relationships have always been a complicated topic

Aside from the lingering stigma of being labeled as a ‘gay couple’, tons of personal factors come into play as well, none more sensitive than the issue of raising a family.

In ‘Tibok’ – a new short film by VinCentiments – director Darryl Yap tries to tackle the said subject in the same over-the-top-style we’ve come to know from the filmmaker (we’ve seriously lost count how many times the word ‘puke’ was used).

But at its core, ‘Tibok’ raises the dilemma that members of the LGBT community are all too familiar with; What if you’ve found the right kind of love, but society and cultural norms prevent you from pursuing it?

Watch the short film here

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