‘SoHo’ or ‘ViChen’? People are pitching iconic shipnames for Vico x Gretchen


ICYMI, the Internet is shipping Pasig mayor Vico Sotto and host Gretchen Ho hard after seeing their photos during the SEA Games volleyball match between Philippines and Vietnam yesterday.


NGL, we are 100% into this unlikely pairing. And in classic loveteam fashion, shippers have also started pitching in possible nicknames for the duo – and the results are hilarious.






Vico Sotto has been outspoken about his singlehood before, jokingly opening applications for a girlfriend last August.

Meanwhile, Gretchen previously said that she’s ‘really, genuinely happy‘ for ex-boyfriend Robi Domingo’s dating life. Sounds like the timing’s right, TBH.

Whatever the duo’s official shipname will be, we’re still going down with this ship.

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