Vico Sotto understands mass transpo shouldn’t be banned without alternatives


After President Duterte declared an ‘enhanced community quarantine‘ in Luzon which effectively banned pvblic transportation until April 14th, many were left asking ‘How the f*ck are we going to get to work?’

After all, people who work in essential establishments, such as medical personnel and supermarket employees, are exempted from the ban. Not all of them have the luxury of owning cars or living close to their workplaces. Without jeeps, buses, trains and the like, how will these individuals move from one place to another?

‘If there’s no public transportation, [ride a private car], or you have to walk,’ said Cabinet Secretary Karlos Nograles, per Rappler.

Vico Sotto, <b> Vico Sotto understands mass transpo shouldn&#8217;t be banned without alternatives </b>

And walk, people did. Social was soon filled with testimonials of how the lack of clear alternatives has once again placed the working class at a disadvantage. People either scramble for makeshift rides or endure hours long marches just to get to their destinations.

Even the essential establishments themselves were crippled by the seemingly half-assed ruling, as their staff struggled to come in for work.



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In Pasig City, Mayor Vico Sotto has realized what the entire Philippine government should’ve known from the start: you can’t just take away mass transportation without setting clear alternatives.

Sotto partially allowed tricycles to operate within the city to serve health workers and other essential personnel.

‘We’re using our vehicles but it’s NOT enough. Our risk assessment shows that we cant ban tricycles at this point’.

‘For now, I am allowing tricycles to operate w/in Pasig‘, he tweets, before adding that guidelines, such as social distancing, will still be put into place.



Sotto also reinstated the city’s bus service while urging the national government to at least exempt tricycles from the pvblic transportation ban.

‘Pano na po ang mangyayari kung hindi makasakay ang mga HEALTH WORKERS at LIBO-LIBONG MGA PASYENTE NA NANGANGAILANGAN NG TREATMENT?

Palalakarin ba talaga natin ng 5 kilometro ang isang dialysis patient na senior citizen? Ang cancer patient na bagong opera?’

He also adds that while free shuttle services are now being offered by the national government, it will not be enough during times of emergencies.

‘Sana makita po ng mga ginagalang nating lider — na may perspektibo kami sa LGU na maaaring di nakikita mula sa mas mataas.

I am not yet even considering the social and economic effects of prohibiting tricycles — we are talking about the potential damage to public health and a possible loss of lives.’


Posted by Vico Sotto on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Here’s to more politicians showing common sense

Vico Sotto, <b> Vico Sotto understands mass transpo shouldn&#8217;t be banned without alternatives </b>


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