This ‘UST Ghosting Stories’ thread is legit painful to read

Gelo Lasin

Ghosting, if you’re unaware, is the douchebag act of ending a personal relationship by suddenly withdrawing all forms of communication without any explanation.

And for reasons unknown, a social media trend about ghosting has popped up in recent months, one that tags Thomasians as notorious ghosters.



And while we were quick to chalk these up to another incident of a university being hilariously stereotyped (same with DLSU and ADMU’s ‘conyo’ label, for example), a Twitter thread by @SirRenzSaavedra seems to prove that there’s an overwhelming truth behind the claims.


Renz basically summoned the Twitterverse to share their ultimate ‘tiger ghosting stories’ and netizens were quick to bite (*wink *wink) to his request.

Here are a few of them.

‘Sumama na sa iba’



‘Don’t hope too much’




‘Iiwan ka without knowing where you went wrong’

‘(You don’t know if) you will stop waiting na ba or keep on waiting’



‘Puntahan kita sa USTE pag di mo ako nireplyan’



‘Kasama ko girlfriend ko now’



Why can’t we just be friends?




You could view the entire heartbreaking (or hilarious, depending on your taste) thread here, but as Renz pointed out in the end, NOT ALL Thomasians are like the ones listed above.

Most are actually pretty sweet.


Screenshots courtesy of Renza Saavedra.

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