Things got REAL crazy on the last day of UPCAT applications

Gelo Lasin

UPCAT got testy

Studying at the University of the Philippines has always been one of the most sought-after dreams for the majority of Filipinos.

Aside from being one of the most premier academic institutions in the country, the state university also offers a pretty cheap tuition-fee, and graduates are often in-demand among employers just from the title of being a ‘UP grad’ alone.

Which is why things got pretty insane on the last day of UPCAT applications



Everyone wanted the UP dream



Some were screaming for an ‘Extension’ of applications



Others just couldn’t handle the chaos



The UP campus wasn’t spared either



Apparently, things were already brewing during the early morning



One was kind enough to give a tip



Altho most ended up victorious



To all UPCAT takers, we wish you the best of luck



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