Unfair labor practice? Fast food company makes employee work 24 hours straight

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Usually, you only have to work eight hours a day and should be exclusive of the one hour lunch break. But this certain employee, she had to work 24 hours straight.

Alexandra Craig Yulo shared a lengthy post on how her rush hour commute was total bs. No one would pick her up on her Grab app, no taxi driver, no tricycle driver.

So, she decided to retreat at a Potato Corner stand next to a Burger Machine one. Alexandra overheard the conversation of the workers there, sharing her own insight on the matter:

Potato Corner Ate: Ano dadating ba? (referring to Burger Machine Ate’s Karelyebo, one who’s replacing her shift)

Burger Machine Ate: Mukang Malabo, hindi sumasagot e. 48 hours na naman ako nito..

Potato Corner Ate: Tawagan mo ulit.

Alex na gutom: 48 hours? Ang alin po?

Burger Machine Ate: ah ma’am. yung shift ko po.

By this time I was really intrigued….48 hours, so dalawang araw?! (in my head, so ano yun? walang ligo?)

Alex na mas gutom: Ano yun, 48 hours na tuloy tuloy? bawal maligo (syempre tinanong ko talaga) Kelan po kayo pumasok?

Burger Machine Ate na tumawa dahil sa ligo question: Opo tuloy tuloy, pumasok ako kagabi ng 9:30 pm. so dapat uwi na po ako ng 9:30 ngayon. pag hindi siya dumating tuloy tuloy po ako ng 9:30 bukas ng gabi, pag dumating siya ng 9:30 bukas ng umaga. eh di 36 hours nalang po. bawal po talaga maligo, kahit nakauwi na kasi mapapasma. masama po yun sa puyat.

“By this time, I was really shock how casual she’s explaining her working hours like it’s the accepted normal. Ate of Potato Corner responded to my shock face with ‘wala pa yan, yung isa na pinalitan niya 100 hours nag shift’.”

Burger Machine, Unfair labor practice? Fast food company makes employee work 24 hours straight
Facebook: Alexandra Craig Yulo

She found out that the employee at Burger Machine, whom she now addresses as Ate Rose, is paid P350 for eight hours, with their overtime pay being optional, “meaning, sometimes binabayaran, sometimes hindi.”

She added, “HR doesn’t care. when they text ‘rescue’ because they feel ill already. HR will reply with ‘papunta na kapalit’ but really it’s the kapalit for the next day. So her shift ends 36 hours after. She did mention that not all Burger Machine work this way as others are franchises and dealers, they are however directly under the company. Sabi ko, ‘what if hindi na kaya, bawal isara?’ and Ate of Potato Corner said ‘May gumawa na nun dati, sinara niya, kasi di na kaya. kinasuhan kasi may nawala ‘daw’. Kaya bawal isara kasi mawawalan sila ng trabaho, makakasuhan pa sila’.”

Alexandra called out to her friends asking if there might be a better opportunity for Ate Rose.

Facebook user Panjee Summer Lim commented on the post saying: “Hey guys! So we talked to the family [of the business], and they raised very fair points. Short of the long, they are investigating the matter and will be releasing a statement the soonest.”

We only agree with what Facebook user Ellyn Villar replied to Lim: “What were the ‘fair’ points?”