Underrated bops: Young Cocoa, Nadine Lustre, Cheats, syd hartha, Hannah Pangilinan


Welcome to our Hidden Gems PlaylistWe The Pvblic’s spotlight on under-the-radar drops you might’ve missed.

Young Cocoa (Zesto)

Filipino rapper Young Cocoa drops Zesto, an electronic bop as zesty as the fruit drink it’s named after. The single attempts to recreate the feel-good summer vibes we’ve been sorely missing with a solid groove that’ll entice a hip sway or two.

Our only complaint? It’s way, wayyy too short.

Nadine Lustre (Wait For Me)

We know it’s ridic to define Nadine Lustre as ‘underrated’, but ‘Underrated bops’ is a title our weekly listicle is stuck with. That speaks volumes with ‘Wait For Me’, an intimate outing from the Careless Manila artist that’s too good not to share, regardless of its popularity.

The single deals with the aftermath of a breakup and features a far more solemn Nadine – a departure from her ‘Wildest Dreams’ persona. And while we adored her surrealist album, Wait For Me’s simplicity proves to be just as captivating.

Hannah Pangilinan (Phases) – EP

Following her debut in 2018, Hannah Pangilinan continues to make a case as a solid artist with the release of her EP, ‘Phases’.

The five-track project features a mix of English and Tagalog tracks about the trappings of love and self-reflection, all dressed in Hannah’s soft and dreamy vocals. All The Way, a collab track with OPM icon Rico Blanco, is a standout.

Syd Hartha (kung nag-aatubili)

Count on syd hartha to bring us back to the basics and STILL make a killing. kung nag-aatubili sees syd return to her folk-pop roots, with soothing vocals and a guitar arrangement that made us feel like we’re drifting in the clouds. Hypnotic is a word for the experience.

Cheats (Hakbang)

Everyone has their own quarantine stories, and Cheats is no different. The band, led by podparents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona, reflects on the complexities and challenges that a couple faces during the lockdowns.

The music video features Piolo Pascual as a guy who suffers a mental breakdown in his home, before finding a sense of sanity in the company of the band. Hakbang reminds us that we are seen, and we’re not alone in our struggles.

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