Underrated bops: NYK, Timmy Albert, Forrest Nolan, and more


Welcome to our Hidden Gems PlaylistWe The Pvblic’s spotlight on under-the-radar drops you might’ve missed.

Samm Henshaw – Chicken Wings

British-Nigerian R&B/Soul singer Samm Henshaw drops Chicken Wings, a bop as delish as its subject. There are no euphemisms or metaphors to be had here; the single is just about chilling and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

EXTRA EXTRA – Remember the Nights

Manila-based synthpop duo EXTRA EXTRA banks on the 80s and Y2K beats to reminisce about the good-old, pre-pandemic days with Remember the Nights. The nostalgic grooves are a solid hook, and they’re aplenty in the groups’ debut album, LIGHTS!

Forrest Nolan – and it sounds like (ice cream)

You know when you shift your likes and dislikes to suit the taste of someone you’re crushing on? Forrest Nolan relives those moments in and it sounds like (ice cream), which reminds us of that blissful attraction where barely anything matters, as long as you’re with your special other.

Claire Rosinkranz – Don’t Miss Me

Claire Rosinkranz echoes the thoughts of anyone who isn’t ready for a relationship in Don’t Miss Me. We’re not allergic to having feelings; on the contrary, we know how badly we’ll break if we give in. Sometimes, you ain’t ready, whether it’s due to your bipolar energy or just not being in the right headspace.

Serro, Alys – Way Out

A slow burn of a track, Way Out rides on the vocal chemistry of serro and Alys – to great effect. The up-and-coming Filo acts create a dreamy vibe that deserves a slow hip sway or two – and we honestly can’t wait to see more from the pair.

NYK – Anxious

In case you haven’t been feeling yourself for the past two years, NYK and Anxious is a reminder that you’re not alone. It’s a pretty heavy track lyrically, one that would be hard to listen to, if not for the infectious melody we’ve come to expect from the Malaysian artist.

Timmy Albert – Smile

If you’re absolutely head-over-heels for someone, consider sending them Timmy Albert’s Smile as a little appreciation tune. The track is that blissful giddiness you feel when you see your fave person, where everything about them is *chef’s kiss* perfect.

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