Underrated Bops: Fern., One Click Straight, and more


Bops that will be your next LSS

Welcome to our Hidden Gems Playlist, We The Pvblic’s spotlight on under-the-radar drops you might’ve missed.

Fern. – FAITH

Hold onto hope with Fern.’s new single, ‘FAITH’. The singer-songwriter invites listeners to groove to the sound of clinging onto a love worth fighting for. 

Evoking feelings of nostalgia, regret, and the urgent call for love, this new track is guaranteed to keep you in your feels.


Local indie-pop band ONE CLICK STRAIGHT offers an ode to loyalty and friendship in ‘Hahayaan’, The track will have listeners worry-free and ready to have their main character moment with its perfect combination of honest lyricism and head-bopping instrumentals. 

SOHN – Segre

In ‘Segre’, English artist SOHN returns with an electro-pop anthem about waiting on an answer that is unsure of coming. The track’s fast-paced electronic beats and SOHN’s emotive vocals make a perfect combination for listeners looking for answers.

Laufey – Dear Soulmate

Slow down and sit with your feelings through Laufey’s new single ‘Dear Soulmate’. A ballad to love, hope, and potential, the all-around artist takes listeners into the clouds as they dream of fate and future lovers..

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