Underrated Bops: Dry Cleaning, Makaya McCraven, and more


Welcome to our Hidden Gems Playlist, We The Pvblic’s spotlight on under-the-radar drops you might’ve missed.

Dry Cleaning – “Anna Calls From The Arctic”

Hoping to amp up your ASMR game? Dry Cleaning’s Anna Calls From The Arctic is your song. It’s ASMR backed by a keyboard, bass, and clarinet jam – it feels like having a conversation with your cool, record-collecting, hand-and-poke tattoo enthusiastic girlfriend.

Makaya McCraven – “Dream Another”

Let this track convince you otherwise if you think jazz is music for old people. Kicking off with a unique drumline followed by a mix of samples, Dream Another is just perfect acid jazz. This is not your typical Starbucks jazz song. 

Tala – “Cherry Soda” 

According to the bubblegum pop song, Cherry Soda, tagging your partner on your Instagram stories isn’t the measure of love. Written with a modern melody and a funky bass, it’s like a love letter to your lowkey SO.

Warren Hue – “IN MY BAG (with tobi lou)”

88rising’s Warren Hue has set himself apart with IN MY BAG, stepping his shoes into experimental hip hop paired with tobi lou’s poetic lyricism. This is your song if you just want to groove out and have a good time.


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