Underrated bops: Arthur Nery, Pappel, Manila Grey, Shanne Dandan, Valentina Ploy


Welcome to our Hidden Gems PlaylistWe The Pvblic’s spotlight on under-the-radar drops you might’ve missed.

Arthur Nery (Pagsamo)

We admit: we are absurdly biased with Arthur Nery, given how much we adore his work. But is it really our fault when the man drops one fire track after the other?

Pagsamo uses all of the patented Nery-isms; a chill, R&B groove, soothing vocals, and lyrics that yearn for a lost love. The single is a familiar entry in the grand scheme of Arthur’s discography, but hey if it works, why bother changing things up? We’re more than happy to remain hypnotized.

Manila Grey (Sometimes)

“Lust is a drug”, said Manila Grey when asked about the meaning of Sometimes. “We absolutely love women who know what they want… there’s just something about that attitude that gets us hooked.”

Getting hooked is a relatable feeling whenever there’s a new entry from the Filipino-Canadian duo. Sometimes is one of the standout tracks from Manila Grey’s third album, No Saints on Knight Street, featuring fellow high-profile artist James Reid.

Pappel (Taguan sa Maliwanag na Buwan)

Given how hectic our lives can be, we have a soft spot for songs that makes us feel like we’re in a lullaby. That’s precisely what Taguan sa Maliwanag na Buwan does for us. Pappel treats us to a blissful romantic story dressed in a dreamy, ethereal vibe.

Shanne Dandan (Hanggang sa Langit)

On the flip side, if you’re the type who’s a bit more grounded in their romantic aspirations, Hanggang sa Langit by Shanne Dandan is your track. Shanne croons about the cliche promises of love, with the added caution that these were made – and broken – before.

Valentina Ploy (Drunk Sleeping in Taxis)

The latest single from Thai singer Valentina Ploy speaks to our fears of being left behind by our loved ones once they see the worst in us. Drunk Sleeping in Taxis echoes our insecurities and asks if our SOs will stick with us through thick and thin.

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