‘Umbrella Academy’ is officially getting a third season

Just 4 months from dropping their much-awaited second season, Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ has officially been greenlighted for a season 3.

The streaming site shared the news via socials, with a straight-up: ‘They’re not done yet! The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is officially happening!’

The show’s own Twitter even retweeted the Netflix announcement to spread the word.

‘Oh my god! We’re back! Again! It’s official. Production for S3 of The Umbrella Academy begins in February.’


The renewal comes as no surprise for fans, as the superpowered family show raked in a steady viewership and fanbase for its first two seasons.

The show is also pretty notorious for ending seasons in cliff-hangers, as *spoiler warning* S2 left the Hargreeves siblings in shock to see their home, Umbrella Academy, turn into the mysterious ‘Sparrow Academy‘. That’s what happens when you mess with time, we guess.

Meanwhile, shooting for season 3 will begin by February 2021 in Toronto, Canada with no word yet on its official date drop.

In case you’re missing the Hargreeves too much, Netflix is set to drop user profile icons of the 7 iconic siblings (and Uncle Muc the Monkey).

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