Nadine Lustre x Carlo Aquino’s new flick sparks crazy ‘Tikbalang’ theories

Gelo Lasin

ICYMI, the teaser for the upcoming film ‘Ulan’ starring Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino just dropped – and it was eerily disturbing, to say the least.

Initially teased as a movie about ‘self-love’, the flick now looks to be a horror/romance movie featuring three love interests to go along with a ‘Tikbalang’ subplot. Uhhh… what?

It doesn’t help either that director Irene Villamor (Meet Me At St. Gallen, Sid & Aya) has skillfully (and frustratingly) kept the plot under wraps since production began.

So since we can’t rely on the cast nor the film to give us answers anytime soon (we don’t even have a release date yet!), it was up to the Internet to give us the lowdown on what the hell ‘Tikbalangs’ have to do with the movie.

Tikbalang: The Love Guru


Good theory. But that last line is pretty creepy, IMO


Move over Vice: Nadine is a horse, confirmed.


Surprise cameo naman pala


Maybe her lola’s line at the beginning is some sort of foreshadowing?


So which is it? Is the ‘Tikbalang’ a real entity? A hallucination? Or simply a symbol of forbidden love? Given the similar themes of Direk Irene’s previous flicks (Gallen, Sid & Aya) which all tackled the idea of love and timing, I’m inching more towards the latter.

How ’bout you? Comment your thoughts below!

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