UAAP CDC and the double standards of sexualizing men vs women

Gelo Lasin

High-flying acts, crazy dance routines, and a bit of friendly trash talk highlighted another successful year for the annual UAAP Cheerdance Competition which saw National University taking home the top prize.

Amidst all the glitz and glam, however, was another trending topic of discussion, one which saw the pvblic’s apparent fascination with gyrating men and their private parts.

Multiple clips of male cheerdancers were uploaded on Twitter during the event, with each gathering thousands of retweets and likes.


Most of the replies to the viral tweets wholeheartedly supported the trend.

Said fascination obv didn’t sit well with others, leading some to point out the clear double standards in the objectification of men vs women.


Some tweeted out their own reminder


The sexualization of men vs women has been a hot topic of debate over the years, with known publications like Marie Claire and Elite Daily going so far as to lay down key points on why it’s completely valid to objectify men but not women.

Elite, for their part, summarized their reasoning with this gem:

‘When you objectify a woman, you perpetuate the idea that her worth lies exclusively in her appearance. When I objectify a man, it’s just… fun.’

But how about you? Do you think sexualizing men is acceptable, and if it is, where do we draw the line?


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