There are times when you just want to tweet a few inappropriate statements explicitly. It could be because of something you find funny, or maybe it’s another day of politicians stressing you out. In a series of new updates that Twitter is launching this year, its offensive tweet warning feature is finally rolling out for people to use.

A year in the making, Twitter has been testing this feature since May 2020. It encourages all users to reconsider a potentially harmful reply before they press send. According to a thread created by Twitter, the feature “can help encourage more meaningful convos.”

After analyzing the feature, Twitter mentioned on their blog post that the tests resulted in users posting less potentially offensive replies and improved behavior on the platform. The feature also considers the type of relationship between people who are constantly interacting. If two users follow and reply to each other often, then there’s a “higher likelihood that they have a better understanding of the preferred tone of communication” and won’t show you the prompt.

twitter, <b>Twitter will now ask you to reconsider cursing in your tweets</b>

Twitter claims to explore more about the new feature to promote healthier conversations on the platform. The prompts are available for iOS and Android users, starting with those who have English-enabled language settings.