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Twitter tests three alert features to stop the spread of fake news


Tech giants have been finding ways to filter out misinformation throughout their platforms. When it comes to Twitter, the site is reportedly testing a new feature that alerts users with reliable sources.

On Monday, app researcher Jane Wong posted a mockup photo showing the three tiers of misinformation warnings. They are labeled as “Get the latest,” “Stay Informed,” and “Misleading.”

Get the latest applies to rapidly evolving topics, Stay Informed applies to sustained news stories, and Misleading applies to questionable statements. All of these alerts will have links to credible sources, as per Social Media Today.

In a follow-up tweet, Wong states that the three misinformation level features are “real and created by Twitter.” She also clarified that she only created the warning message on the mockup photo for the sake of demonstration.

Twitter hasn’t posted an announcement regarding the new labeling system on its official blog site. However, Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth quoted Wong’s tweet and confirmed they’re working on design treatments. He also asked users for their suggestions on how they could improve it.

Twitter recently released a feature last month that urges users to reconsider tweeting harmful replies. On the other hand, Facebook also has its own features on preventing users from sharing misleading articles. The features include showing a prompt before sharing an article and by an alert containing fact-check the articles.

Banner: Unsplash/Brett Jordan and Twitter/wongmjane

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