Twitter says hello to everyone after Zuckerberg’s social media platforms crash


Checking social media apps has been a force of habit for many people. Posting photos, sharing memes, or simply keeping in touch can be made through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. But what happens when these platforms crash? With the recent turn of events, people went to Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg lost around $7 million.

Zuckerberg’s personal wealth plummeted after the worldwide fall of the three platforms for a few hours. Apart from that, The Wall Street Journal published stories that revealed how Zuckerberg’s platforms had an extensive range of problems with its products. This also caused him to drop a rank lower in the world’s richest people list.

Among the complications are Instagram’s misinformation on the Capitol riots, and its harmful effects on teenage girls’ mental health. The Facebook whistleblower revealed herself on Monday as it has also captured the attention of government officials. The social media giant responded that the issues of its products are complex and not caused by technology alone.

‘I think it gives people comfort to assume that there must be a technological or a technical explanation for the issues of political polarization in the United States,’ said Facebook’s Vice President of global affairs Nick Clegg.

The recent six-hour outage of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp was addressed in a blogpost. It explained that there were configuration changes to its routers. Zuckerberg also posted an apology on his account, ‘Sorry for the disruption today — I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about.’

While the three aforementioned apps were crashing, people shifted to Twitter a.k.a. the other side of the online world. With almost three million heart reactions as of writing, the microblogging site welcomed users and said, ‘hello literally everyone.’

The tweet wasn’t completely a joke because even international singer Adele hopped in. Flooding the replies were other major brands and platforms like Microsoft, McDonald’s, KFC, OnlyFans, Bratz, The Sims, Dell, and many others. There were also a couple of memes that showed how Twitter remains superior, and others were about Zuckerberg handling the platform interruptions.

Banner: (L) Twitter, (R) Unsplash/timothyhalesbennett

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