ICYMI, Twitter has finally rolle out ‘Fleets‘, their bite-sized version of 24-hour only content. If it sounds familiar, it’s basically Snapchat, IG Stories, and Facebook My Day but, you know, on Twitter. Groundbreaking.

The site has long been teasing the latest feature, as they announced its arrival as early as March of this year. Unlike regular tweets, you can’t retweet, like, or publicly reply to people’s Fleets – which makes it all the more easy to shout into the void.

fleets twitter philippienes, <b> Twitter still can&#8217;t decide how it feels about &#8216;Fleets&#8217; </b>

As with any new tech update, Twitter is still up in the air about the new drop to the toxic, err, popular site. Some have seen it as a cleaner way to air out their kalat, while some have found it annoyingly similar to every other social media app out there.






While we’re brave enough to admit that we found Fleets downright unnecessary a few months ago, we also can’t help but think that people had the same mentality with IG stories back in 2016. And now it’s ingrained in our daily online happennings.

In this era of needing to connect and escape from reality, we’ll all take what we can get.

Either way…