Twitter introduces unnecessary Stories-like feature called ‘Fleets’

Too much content

Everyone’s fave toxic site Twitter has rolled out a new feature that we’re all too familiar with: 24-hour Stories. You read that right.

Aptly called ‘Fleets‘, the add-on allows your personal tweets to disappear after 24 hours – similar to the disappearing content from Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.


Unlike regular tweets, you can’t RT, like, or publicly reply to the ‘Fleets‘ – which sucks. But hey, at least you can respond with an emoji. Like IG and FB Stories, the feature is also shown at the top of your timeline represented by icons.

Not to sound like a boomer, but the beauty of Twitter lies in your words actually being permanent and spontaneous. IMO, the addition of an unnecessary feature just to be similar to other social sites totally takes you out of your curated bubble – which is what Twitter is ultimately for.

Others have shared the same sentiment, using the hashtag #RIPTwitter to air out request for upgrades that have long been unheard.






Despite the hate, people actually had similar reactions when Instagram rolled out ‘Stories‘ back in 2016, so maybe we’re all just under the Internet’s ever-changing clutches now.

Still, how about an edit feature instead?

, <b> Twitter introduces unnecessary Stories-like feature called &#8216;Fleets&#8217;</b>