Hey, just like a game

Our favorite Internet manhole has apparently added a new feature that you can play with for 5 seconds tops: double likes.

According to hyped Twitter users, you supposedly just have to click the heart/like button twice, tap it again, then boom: twice the number of likes are now on a specific Tweet. It’s a fun way to support your friends, or figure out if the feature is legit or not.





Though users do seem adamant on proving this new discovery to be real, Twitter hasn’t actually announced anything regarding an actual double-like feature.

The numbers multiplying twice could well be a glitch in the system, different users just liking things at the same time, or hey, a fun little Easter egg while we’re doomscrolling the day away. While it’s still unconfirmed, let’s just give each other the fun, okay?

The power of tech

, <b> Twitter is freaking out that you can &#8216;double-like&#8217; Tweets </b>

Banner graphic by Beatrix Zaragoza