A Twitter bug exposed private tweets from Android users for 4 years

Gelo Lasin

If you’re tweeting on an Android device right now, then you better start double checking your Twitter settings ASAP.

The social media giant just revealed on its Help Page that a bug exposed private tweets from Android users for the past four years, from November 3rd, 2014 to January 14th, 2019.


The bug apparently caused the Twitter app to disable the ‘Protect your Tweets’ option whenever a change (such as in email address) or an update was made to the user’s account settings.

This means that supposedly personal tweets were publicly visible to anyone and any random user could’ve retweeted or followed the private account.

The good news? IOS and desktop users are safe. Plus, Twitter has already fixed the setting and personally notified those who were.

The bad news? Since there are literally millions of people who tweet on the daily, there is no way Twitter could possibly confirm who was affected, which is why it is advising users to do a check of their own.

So if you ever sent out a tweet detailing how much you crushed on your officemate in the comforts of your apparently-not-so-private account, then you’d better get on Twitter NOW.

Otherwise, you might now have a Netflix rom-com on your hands.

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