Sana all! This Twitter user received a heartfelt gesture after her board exams


While others receive care packages and messages of encouragement, this lucky girl got what money cannot buy.

After months of focusing on rigorous board exam reviews, a newly registered medical technologist posted a now-viral tweet of a message she received from a guy whom she was in the process of getting to know. Because board exams require the utmost time and attention, OP asked the guy to cut communication with her in the meantime.

This did not stop the OP’s guy from filling in the gaps of their three to four-month space from each other as he continued to write her daily updates in the infamous Notes app. He collated notes (which are blurred in the tweet for privacy) from the entire time they were not talking and sent her a link to the folder entitled “So you won’t miss out anything about me:)”

The guy attached a sweet message saying: “…I know for sure that there will be a huge gap between us. Sayo rin nanggaling na hindi biro ang 3-4 months and andaming pwedeng mangyari. Then and there I said to myself na I will fill those gaps.”

“It includes photos and vids pa na talagang addressed sakin, as in parang kinakausap niya lang talaga ako. NOTE: hindi kami and [O]ctober lang kami nagkakilala so nakakagulat lang? HSHSKs THE EFFORT,” OP shared.

Netizens were gushing over the effort of OP’s mystery guy, who were quick to tweet their various reactions and sentiments.

Congratulations to OP for passing the board exams! We can only hope to be on the receiving end of such an effort after all the hard work.

banner photos from: @daydreaamx

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