5 binge-worthy tv shows that are the answer to your ’13 Reasons Why’ hangover

Gelo Lasin

We’ve finished binge-watching the 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why, and let’s just say we feel a little empty inside.

Although it’ll be hard to find something that could compare to such an addicting series, there are a couple of teen dramas available to stream out there.

Each of these contain practically the same tropes: high school drama, compelling storylines, memorable characters, and even dark moments that will def satisfy the most hardcore ’13 Reasons Why’ fan.

1. Riverdale


Riverdale is basically the ridiculous, exagerrated, soap opera version of 13 Reasons Why. Common sense says that it should be terrible, but the show still manages to be crazy good.

Maybe it’s the compelling murder mysteries? The characters’ personal issues which reflect current real-world problems? Whatever it might be, Archie and the gang are def must-see tv.

2. Pretty Little Liars


This show kept piling on the twists for 7 seasons which kept audiences hooked until the very end. It’s highly recommended series to binge-watch, especially since a new spin off called ‘The Perfectionists’ will debut in 2019. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

3. Gossip Girl


Same with the others on the list, personal relationships and teen drama are at the forefront of this series.

However, the thing that sets Gossip Girl apart is the lingering mystery of the identity of the titular character, as the infamous anonymous blogger conspires to pick apart everyone’s lives.

Do us a favor. Watch the entire six seasons and don’t spoil yourself! The twist ending is so much better if you don’t.

4. One Tree Hill


How can you not include the godfather of teen dramas? Lucas and Nathan Scott’s journey from high school to the real world was the talk of the town back in the day.

This show dealt with everything: romantic relationships, family issues, high school drama, you name it. One Tree Hill was the template that later teen shows built their success upon.

5. 90210


If Riverdale is the equally dark twin of 13 Reasons Why, then 90210 is it’s more upbeat cousin. 90210 is a nice palate cleanser after you just got shookt from binge-watching 13 Reasons Why.

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