You can now read ‘True Philippine Ghost Stories’ online

In time for spooky season

Way before the Internet, when podcasts and Reddit threads weren’t in anyone’s vocabulary, true PH horror fans had ‘True Philippine Ghost Stories’.

ICYDK, the PSICOM-distributed book series featured ghost stories from contributors around the country, racking up 20-volumes worth of creepy stories from familiar places such as QC’s Balete Drive and those god-forsaken universities.

In case you want to relive the feeling of utter prepubescent fear, PSICOM has finally dropped free volumes of the iconic series on their official app.


To grab your copy, simply download the PSICOM app via iOS App Store or Google Play, sift through the e-book selection, and take your pick from the PDFs of 10 available volumes.

After reading a book or two, you can shake off the heebiejeebies with PSICOM’s other free e-book choices, such as ‘KILIG series‘ and ‘Heartbreak series‘.

Just don’t forget to keep the lights on

true philippine ghost stories online, <b> You can now read &#8216;True Philippine Ghost Stories&#8217; online </b>