Trick or treat: You can only get this Starbucks Halloween drink until tomorrow

Vinz Lamorena

October is the time when we marathon the best of horror films. But the hair-raising scare flicks aren’t the only ones that will keep us up this Halloween season.

StarbucksBefore we look forward to collecting stickers for the planners and sipping their awaited holiday drinks as much as we can, Starbucks rolled out a terrifying caffeine-filled drink to get us through the start of the week.

We introduce the Franken Frappuccino—their best-selling mocha Frappuccino upgraded with smooth coffee pudding, green tea whipped cream and lots and lots of chocolate powder.

Who ever said Halloween is just for kids? This Starbucks holiday drink clearly spells out the kind of sugar rush needed by us hardworking adults.

But this is what spooks us the most: You can only grab the Franken Frappuccino until tomorrowOct. 24!

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