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The Trese theme song got reimagined with Rico Blanco’s ‘Yugto’


With Trese becoming a divisive topic since its debut, the Internet has taken to reimagining the series in the way they see fit. For instance, people have previously clamored for actor Glaiza De Castro to take over the lead role.

Now, YouTuber Tito Ken TV revamped the opening theme song of Trese by subbing Rico Blanco’s’ Yugto in place of the original Ifugao chant.

We’ve gone on record to say that we liked the OG theme as it perfectly fits with the show’s occult vibes. Yugto gives a different aura to the material, one that is filled with intensity and hype.

In our opinion, Yugto would fit perfectly in case there’s ever a second season, where we can expect Alexandra Trese to be more assured and accepting of her destiny. Fingers crossed it happens.

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