‘Baduy to death!’: Toni and Alex Gonzaga hilariously react to harsh comments

Gelo Lasin

‘Hate is a strong wooord’

As part of their promo for their upcoming book about sisterhood titled ‘Sissums‘, Alex and Toni got together during one of the younger Gonzaga’s vlogs and read the pvblic’s harshest comments about the two.

Alex, at one point, was dying thanks to one of the comments

The caption read: ‘Di ko alam kung ano nakita┬áni Paul (Soriano, Toni’s husband) kay duling. Ang laki nang panga at nguso isda, liit ng bunganga, nipis ng lips.’

‘Ang laki daw nang panga mo.’ chimed Alex.

But there was also a display of sisterly love, esp when a netizen called out Alex’s hosting skills

‘Sorry but I don’t like Alex Gonzaga… and her hosting skills’

‘Honestly, mas mabilis ang utak ni Alex kesa sakin. Mas witty siya AT mas nakakatawa siya.’ Toni adorably confesses


You can view the entire exchanges below

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