FUNNY: The ‘TATBILB’ cast reenacted iconic teen movie scenes and they’re accurate AF

Gelo Lasin

They are sooo cute!

‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’ is shaping up to be a classic, but before it solidifies its place in teen movie lore, author Jenny Han (kinda) made sure the cast paid its tributes to previous icons by reenacting them- and they’re pretty legit.

Close enough


Israel Broussard (Josh) looked badass with the ‘Breakfast Club’ fist pump



We know it’s supposed to be sad, but we can’t help but chuckle at Emilja Baranac’s (Chris) take as John Cusack in ‘In Your Eyes’

And Noah Centineo (Pete Kavansky) running around as Heath Ledger in ’10 Things I Hate About You’? Absolutely perfect