Time is not really a hindrance for love


Time does matter when it comes to a relationship between two people.

Meeting someone who used to live in a parallel world to you can give you much trouble when it comes to understanding them. Well, living in a different time zone is already a challenge. Not to mention if they came from a different universe.

However, these five Korean dramas show us how to make things work even when you and your partner come or meet in different time frames. 

Kang Cheol & Oh Yeon Joo of W

Yeon Joo is a doctor who is the daughter of a very famous cartoonist in the country. Her father is the maker of the most popular webtoon series in the country. One accident happened that led Yeon Joo to enter the world of his webtoon and meet the main character, Kang Cheol. 

The chemistry between these two became visible at the beginning of the drama. Their relationship became more intimate as Yeon Joo kept on entering the webtoon world. 

At the end of the drama, no matter how hard it was for them to survive their relationship, they made things work and achieved their happy ending. 

Time, <b> Time is not really a hindrance for love </b>

Wang So & Hae Soo of Scarlet Heart

In this series, Ha Jin went back to the past century as a young lady named Hae Soo. She met the princes of Goryeo and made a good relationship with them. Among the princes she met there, Wang So was considered to be the most dangerous. Their relationship at the beginning was not as good as her relationship with the others.

Later on, as it turns out, Hae Soo could comfort Wang So as she understood his feelings. The both of them developed deep feelings towards each other. As their feelings began to grow, the conflict around them started to grow as well. 

The ending of the drama might not be as good as we wanted. We have witnessed the chemistry between this couple as their scenes together were shown in the drama regardless of the differences in their time zone. 

Time, <b> Time is not really a hindrance for love </b>

Yoo Hyun Jae & Choi Woo Seung of Hit The Top

Yoo Hyun Jae is a talented man who went missing during the year of 1994. He slid down the stairs and ended up going to a different time zone. Choi Woo Seung met him first as she drove the car. The both of them seem to have a dog and cat relationship at first until they start to care for each other. 

They became closer as Woo Seung helped him in adjusting to his new unfamiliar environment. The struggle between them started when they discovered that Woo Seung’s boyfriend is closely related to Hyun Jae and they actually turned out to be father and son. However, they ended up together and continue their story together at the present time. 

Time, <b> Time is not really a hindrance for love </b>

Choi Ban Do & Ma Jin Joo of Go Back Couple

Ban Do and Jin Joo were a couple who was struggling in their relationship as a family and decided to divorce. But it seems like time won’t allow them to separate and lead them back into their past before they met each other during their college years. 

Even though they decided to ignore each other and not cross each other’s paths, they always ended up together in one place. As they continue their lives in the past, the tension between them started to lessen and the love between them never left their side. 

At the end of the drama, they ended up fixing their relationship and went back to their home in the present time where their child was waiting for them to come back. 

Time, <b> Time is not really a hindrance for love </b>

Lee Do & Jang Dan Bi of Splash Splash Love

As Dam Bi decided to ditch her College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) by going to a park, an accident happened where she dropped down in a puddle of water and ended up in the Joseon era. 

She met the King, Lee Do, and had a fun conversation together. Dan Bi discovered that her skills in mathematics in that time zone are undefeated. She also fell in love with King Lee Do. However, at the end of the drama she still decided to come back to her original time zone. 

They started their farewell to each other as they went to the beach. However, it turns out that it was not yet the ending for them. At the resolution of the drama, they met in the present time and continued their story together. 

Time, <b> Time is not really a hindrance for love </b>


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