TikToker Keely Amelia goes viral after embracing troll’s advice on eyebrows


“I owe you my life.”

TikToker Keely Amelia (@keelyamelia) is making headlines after her response to criticism which led to a viral beauty transformation. Keely took the criticism of a user who had messaged her to critique her eyebrow technique to heart and gave it a go.


The literal best constructive critiscm i have ever recieved in my life #browlamination

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On Mar. 8, 2023 Keely uploaded the video response with the caption “The literal best constructive criticism I have ever received in my life #BrowLamination” to her TikTok.

In the video, Keely covered her forehead with one hand and spoke directly to the camera, addressing the video to the user, saying, “This video is for the girl that messaged me that I don’t do my eyebrows very well” who told her that a “brow lamination and tint” would look “way better”.

Brow lamination is a beauty treatment that smooths and forms eyebrow hairs. To achieve a bigger, more defined brow, an adhesive is applied to the hairs, stroked upwards, and then set with a neutralizer. A combination of this with other brow treatments, such as tinting, which the TikTok star has also done, or microblading, can extend the effect’s wear time to eight weeks or more.

After pausing for effect, Keely took her hand away from her face to reveal laminated and colored eyebrows. She said, “I owe you my life” to show her appreciation.

More than 32.2 million people watched her TikTok. Despite intolerance to criticism of physical appearance in social media, the TikToker appreciated the criticism and earned compliments from over 9,950 viewers in the comments. Many viewers commended the “hater’s” advice for being so useful.

Several people went so far as to suggest further ways on how Keely could improve her appearance, advising her to keep her inner corner “bare” and only use mascara on her top lashes.

With the overwhelming support and comments on her video, Keely commented, ”Y’all I’m actually embarrassed with how I did my eyebrows before. Why did NO ONE tell me?” beneath her video, receiving 31,000 likes.

Keely Amelia’s inspiring reaction to criticism is a good reminder that, with the right attitude and frame of mind, any criticism can be used as an opportunity for development and good.

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