TikTok is bringing back Nadine Lustre’s ‘Paligoy-ligoy’


The Internet is loving how ‘Paligoy-ligoy‘ is making a comeback

Nadine herself said it is giving ‘nahukay sa baul vibes’

TikTok is one of the fastest ways to make something trend nowadays. May it be intentional or unintentional. And with BINI Maloi’s case, she was probably just playing around when she unknowingly caused a song to become viral again.

P-pop girl group BINI’s member Maloi was casually just dancing the choreography to K-pop girl group NewJeans’ song ‘Hype Boy’ to Nadine Lustre’s 2014 hit song ‘Paligoy-ligoy’ and unconsciously started a trend on TikTok.

@bini_maloi may choreo pala to #fyp #foryou #biniph #BINI ♬ Paligoy-Ligoy – From “Diary Ng Panget” – Nadine Lustre

Now, millions of users dance to the song with the choreography causing the ‘Diary ng Panget’ theme song to make waves on the Internet and even reach other countries such as South Korea.

Nadine, the artist behind the hit tweeted about her song from eight years ago saying ‘paligoy-ligoy is giving.. nahukay sa baul vibes.’ 

Which ‘Paligoy-ligoy’ dance cover is your favorite?

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