1.0041 GWA-wielding Tiffany Uy just graduated UP Med as valedictorian


God has favorites

Remember Tiffany Uy? She was the impressive grad who broke the UP record for highest general weighted average (GWA) with 1.004, the university’s highest GWA since World War II. Almost 5 years later, she’s continuing to step it up in UP College of Medicine.

Uy graduated Class of 2020 as the class valedictorian, as well as earning magna cum laude and an Award for Academic Excellence in Medicine. Hey, the girl is consistent.

We’re not sure if she’ll reveal her GWA any time, but she’s already thriving.


‘I’m going to enter PGH (Philippine General Hospital) po to start medical studies,’  Tiffany said back in 2015 after graduating in BS Biology.

‘And I guess the pressure is that I graduate and pass the board exam. And of course, serve the Filipino people.’

Tiffany had also shared some of her studying life tips before, as she urged fellow students to focus on actually learning rather than grades.

‘Grades are really not important. At the end of the day, a number or piece of paper won’t mean anything.’

‘When I make a mistake, I get sad not because of the number. But I worry. What if that mistake means someone will die on my table someday? I guess that’s the motivation.’

tiffany uy, <b> 1.0041 GWA-wielding Tiffany Uy just graduated UP Med as valedictorian </b>

Like the ‘paboritong anak’ she is, the pvblic soon started taking wind of Tiffany’s latest achievement to cheer her on (and ask for brain cells) once again.