T.I. making sure his daughter’s hymen is ‘still intact’ isn’t just gross – but totally inaccurate


In today’s episode of Peak Toxic Masculinity:

American rapper T.I. said that he visits the gynecologist with his 18-year old daughter every year to see if she’s still a virgin by checking if her hymen is ‘still intact‘.


‘Right after her birthday, we celebrate, then usually like the day after the party, I put a sticky note on the door: “Tomorrow. 9:30″‘, said the 39-year-old rapper.

I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.

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First of all – and this goes without saying – YUCK. Second of all: WRONG – thinking that an intact hymen determines a woman’s virginity (which is a social construct, BTW) is an age-old myth that ought to be debunked.

FYI: The hymen is NOT a virginity indicator.

The belief that the thin membrane located at the opening of the vagina remains intact until sexual intercourse has long been debunked by medical experts. Physically-demanding activities like biking, stretching, and dancing can cause it to tear.

Research from the World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that virginity testing through ‘hymen inspections‘ has ‘no scientific merit or clinical indication‘.

Also, who said virginity = value?

The belief that women are less valuable after losing their virginity is downright misogynistic. (Where’s the equivalent of hymen inspections for men, TBH?)

Though it’s clearly gross that T.I feels like he has eternal control over his daughter’s body, his beliefs are only a reflection of a patriarchal society that so often looks down on women’s choices. Plus, heteronormative constructs are slowly going off-table in this progressing social climate, anyway. See: ‘ok, boomer‘.

At its core, any man prodding into the reproductive parts of a woman – especially their teenager daughter at that – isn’t just cringe-y, but borderline creepy with a side of ‘Do some research!’.

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