Could three people function as a couple (or throuple)?


Three is where the party is at!

Have you ever experienced a craving for spaghetti with a lot of cheddar cheese while salivating for a taste of an apple pie on the side? Or do you ever want to binge-watch series like Stranger Things while your eargasm wants some taste of a classic Mozart playlist? 

Would you believe it is normal to want two different things at the same time –yes, all at the same time because experiencing two things you want is where the party is at!

For ages now, the concept of non-monogamy has been creating buzz and has been a hot topic over the Internet. Sometimes, they categorize their relationship as ‘Throuple’ or a romantic relationship between three people.

According to Dr. Ann Rosen Spector, a Psychology professor at Rutgers University, there is nothing new or unusual about the concept of being in love with two people simultaneously –polygamy. 

Anna Dow, LMFT of Vast Love, a non-monogamy therapist, also explained that throuple is an intentional partnership between three people that is balanced, consensual, and committed.

It can be made up of people who are part of any gender identity and sexual orientation as long as they choose to be in love with each other, because – love is love.

Open Relationships vs Throuples

An open relationship is usually misconstructed as ‘Throuple’ which confuses people. An open relationship gives the couple involved the freedom to engage in casual sex with other people –a threesome.

On the other hand, a throuple is a balanced, consensual, and committed relationship even if there are three people involved. 

Last July 07, 2022, GMA News and Public Affairs feature a story of a Pinoy throuple, Billy, Art, and Aries, who have been together for a year.


They testified that though adjusting to the setup has been challenging, the love, care, and concern received are doubled, which they recognize as unique and magical.

Hearing this kind of story and understanding this relationship setup made me believe that throuple is real. As long as all the people involved are on the same page and willing to put in the work, nothing could ever stop them from starting that party!

True enough throuple is a true couple’. Now, rock your body as you sway to the different beats of love!

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