This Youtuber almost got tased after doing an ‘IT’ clown prank

Remember those clown sightings in 2016? Well, that’s nothing now that the new IT pranks are here.

After watching the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Corie came back to her apartment to see red balloons just at the living room.

Youtuber Ashley Ortega dressed up in an IT clown costume to scare the living hell out of Corie. A spooked Corie tried to wrestle with the clown, throwing Ashley down the bed. Just when Ashley was about to pounce again, Corie pulled out a taser gun in her nightstand.

That’s when Ashley revealed herself. Moral of the story? Bitch, DON’T. DRESS. UP. IN. A. DAMN. IT. CLOWN. COSTUME. FOR. A. PRANK.

Do not do it, you will get tased.