The problem in Filipina beauty standards

We The Pvblic

We see it all the time on TV, on the Internet — basically everywhere you can advertise a beauty product. There’s always something to whiten your skin with, something to straighten your kulot hair, something to make your so-called flaws disappear.

Twitter user Judy Garci gives the pvblic a pep talk on the problematic Filipina beauty standards instituted by media.

“Being half Filipina and half white is normal, and I’m fine with that. But what I’m not fine with is how it’s becoming the ONLY accepted norm,” Judy told We the Pvblic.


She slams the whitening industries in the Philippines and how “lucrative” it is.

There’s an ad which even “checkmates” the dark out.

It seems as though we’ve stopped time — right during the Spanish colonization.

The Morena Movement is coming.

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