This page is teaching men how to ‘pick up’ women and people are not having it

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Okay, before you go back to looking through your feed peppered with cute dog videos (no hate, we love doggo vids too), it’s time we talk about something important: misogyny.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s this so-called “pick-up artists” academy (PUA) where straight men teach each other “strategies” on how to seduce and bed a woman.

The PUA Academy claims to be “Asia’s Leading Dating Company”. It caught fire when posts calling out the company for its misogynistic culture went viral.

“Gusto nila nagpapaforce,” Smooth, CEO of PUA Academy says in the video as he tells his audience women like being forced into sex.

The Youth Against Sexual Harassment (YASH) Facebook page has shared screenshots of the discussions among the members of the PUA Academy, showing how members compel women into having sex with them.

YASH has called them criminals for committing “Acts of Lasciviousness or Rape,” as well as violating the “Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009”.

YASH Ambassador Alex Castro says, “Simple lang naman. Basta may resistance, na kayo na rin naman yung umamin na meron, ay posibleng rape na po yun. So instead of teaching your boys that all women can be forced into submission (you just have to apply the right technique), why don’t you teach them that NO MEANS NO.”

Others have shared their thoughts on social media and people are not having it:

Will you idly sit by and let this happen? Or will you finally do something?

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