This Michelle Dy x Jeffree Star feud is pretty friggin intense

Gelo Lasin

YouTuber Michelle Dy is under fire recently for copyright claims

Her opponent? American makeup artist Jeffree Star


The feud began when Michelle launched a new series ‘Is It MD approved’

In the now-deleted series, Michelle gave brutally honest reviews re: cosmo products.

Twitter – @princedecastro
Twitter – @aarghwin

This earned the ire of Jeffree, who claimed that the ‘Approved’ series is actually trademarked

Twitter – @princedecastro

The ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ series is pretty popular, garnering a minimum of 3 million views per video

The singer-songwriter went so far as to reference the incident in an IG story



As well as some shade on Twitter



Netizens chimed in on the incident






Michelle, for her part, was quick to apologize

Twitter – @michelledy

Supporters showed their love, including fellow YouTuber Lloyd Cadena



Michelle was pretty shaken up about the entire incident – but was still grateful for the support





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