This Is What Happens When Your Dad Has A Twin


Who’s my dada?

Stephen Ratpojanakul has a beautiful wife named Carroll and a 16-month-old son called Reed based in New York.

Stephen Ratpojanakul

Stephen and Carroll are just normal loving parents – with a little bit of a surprise.

Each of them both have twins.

Stephen Ratpojanakul

Stephen said he met his future wife through twin brother Michael’s wife.

“The fact that Carroll and I are both twins created an instant connection, even though neither of us ever expected to date another twin,” Stephen told BuzzFeed News said. “The best part was that we both understood being a twin and never got jealous of how important our siblings were.”

Michael Ratpojanakul and his wife had babysat Reed at their home. When Stephen and Carroll came over to fetch the little rascal, the cutest thing to ever occur in the history of twinning happened.

Stephen Ratpojanakul

Reed kept getting confused as to who was his real dada.

It’s hilariously adorable.

Reed called out first to Stephen (in the gray sweater).


But as soon as Michael took off his glasses, the little Reed reached out for his uncle, calling him “Dada”.

“Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses, and in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael,” Stephen Ratpojanakul said.


And it just goes on and on until the twins have had their fun and ended the video bursting with laughter at the little tyke’s dada mix-up.


And is the twin experiment the same for Reed’s mama?

Well, Stephen said they tried but Reed passed the test with “flying colors”.

Stephen Ratpojanakul

Always remember that no matter how identical, “a baby always knows his mama”.