This heartwarming post is a milestone for persons with Down syndrome

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Project Love ‘Em Down is a Shakey’s Pizza partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. and it is changing lives.

Agnes Lapena posted on Facebook last Sunday on how Project Love ‘Em Down gives persons with Down Syndrome the ability to participate in real-life guest engagement activities in all Shakey’s company-owned stores.

Jeremy Lapena was spotted in a Shakey’s BF Paranaque store while Vicky Pasia was in a Magallanes one. They are the first two participants in the program.

According to BBC, “fewer than two in 10 people with learning disabilities are in employment.”

“Research from the charity Mencap suggests 65% of people with learning disabilities – including, though not limited to, Down’s syndrome – want to work, but fewer than 20% of those of working age are currently in employment.”

Programs like these help moralize and boost the confidence of people with learning disabilities. Kudos to Shakey’s for doing a great job!

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