This guy’s chicken craving created buzz on Twitter

We The Pvblic

So our guy Aldrin sees a fast food ad, suddenly misses the taste of chicken and, uh, tweets about his craving in a quite aggressive manner:

We get you, Aldrin. We can get aggressive sometimes when craving for certain food.  

Twitizen Anthony explains why the chicken is nowhere to be found.  He then finds the perfect opportunity to discuss the concept of ‘Glocalization’ to his followers:

See full thread here:

Wow, that is a lot to digest but…

Hold up! Anthony’s info sharing did not actually receive positive reactions:

Some even said the tweet was unnecessary and way out of line 

It’s a tough, tough world out there, Mr. Chicken Craver.

Guess what we can all agree on is that Aldrin is very Bobbie rn:

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