This guy watched ‘A Quiet Place’ in a cinema all by himself

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Imagine the horror of watching the nerve-shredding thriller “A Quiet Place”, and imagine watching it all by yourself in a movie theater with nothing but the light on the big screen.

That’s exactly what Jon Christoffer Obice did. “One cinema. 112 seats. Only one taken,” he said in his post.

Facebook: Jon Obice

Obice watched “A Quiet Place” at the Vista Mall in Bataan and he was there alone. He said he watched it in “literally the most quiet situation possible.”

Obice asked the concierge if they would still go on with the movie even if it was just him, and to his luck, they said yes.

Facebook: Jon Obice

Wala po ba talaga akong kasama?” he asked. “Kahit po maglinis ‘yung janitor ate ok lang.”

The concierge could only offer him a little comfort by saying the cleaning person would come in from time to time.

Facebook: Jon Obice

“I can’t and will never afford to rent a whole cinema. But thank you, Vista Mall Bataan,” he jested.

Facebook: Jon Obice

He ended, “Current situation: Left my seat and decided to stand to keep me safe from nails.”

When We the Pvblic asked if he enjoyed the movie, he said, “Ok naman, pero ‘di lang comfortable kasi sa sahig na ako umupo.”

The bravest of us all. If it were just me in the cinema, I’d probably make a run for it like John Krasinski here:

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