This guy fixing his lolo’s jeep for his lola is the sweetest thing

Kaka Corral

Our grandparents have always been there for us from the moment we were born. They’ve helped our parents throughout our messy toddler years every step of the way. They would always be on our side whenever we got in a fight with our parents. They protect us. They love us.

And if you’re lucky enough, your grandparents are still with you as you juggle the hardships of adulting and everything it comes with.

Chino Yulo is a certified lolo’s boy and he decided to fix up his grandpa’s ’75 Jeep CJ5 in Bacolod. It wasn’t easy, but he was able to bring it to Manila all the way from Bacolod. His lolo passed away 16 years ago.

“And today I brought it to my 93-year-old Lola’s house for her to see it running again,” he said.


Chino adds he hasn’t seen her this happy, excited, and sad at the same time.

“Your lolo used to take me in that jeep and we went to the farm. We crossed the Bago river twice just to get to the farm! …he used to sit there and I sat next to him.”

“I will never forget this day. She made me cry too,” he ended.

Can someone pass me a tissue or something? I have a twig in my eye.
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